Watch This Fake Ken Burns Documentary About Boston’s Winter

Whiney Facebook statuses are set to "sad Civil War fiddle music," and the effect is brilliant.

It was worth it, guys. It was worth enduring the 100+ inches of snow Boston has received this winter simply so that unto us could be given this precious treasure of a YouTube video. Presenting: “Facebook Statuses About the Boston Snowstorm With Sad Civil War Fiddle Music.”

The video’s title is pretty self-explanatory. Put together by a group calling themselves the “Safety Whale Comedy Collective,” and circulating on Boston social media this week, the video is a mockucumentary about this winter’s snowfall, done in the style of Ken Burns’s epic “The Civil War.”

This makes sense because the Civil War is a conflict during which America basically took four years off to self implode. Its scars are still plainly visible on the face of modern society. The Snowpocalypse, meanwhile, is a time during which Boston missed a few days of work and its infrastructure sort of faltered in the face of several snowstorms. People were even forced to summon black cars to their exact location using the miniature computers in their pockets so that they could make it to their heated workplaces.

Accompany firsthand accounts of these Uber rides with sad fiddle music, pan over some still photos in sepia tones, and BOOM, 2015 Boston begins to look like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s worst nightmare. (Of course, the snow has been an enormous problem for the city—just not quite on the scale of the American Civil War—and that’s the point.) Suddenly, Facebook posts like this one seem as dire as they probably felt in the moment:

“Another 2+ hour morning commute that ended in taking an Uber AGAIN. I hope your parade was f**king worth it Pats. Now let the evening circus begin…”

Thank goodness for the brave documentarians who put together a testament to this winter that does justice to its apocalyptic feel.