Rob Gronkowski Twerked Like No One Was Watching

Literally everyone was watching.

rob gronkowski

via LA Clippers

Teen spirit ambassador Rob Gronkowski attended the Los Angeles Clippers game on Monday night at the Staples Center, and proved to a crowd of thousands that he is undoubtedly a chill party-rocker. The Clippers vs. Timberwolves game is the latest stop on his independently orchestrated and seemingly liquor-dependent Rob Gronkowski Super Bowl Championship tour.

Gronkowski, along with his crew of lads and bros, got freaky on the Staples Center’s Dance Cam:


Check out that twerk, you guys. Paired with advanced elbow pumping and an LMFAO track, it’s a superior dance form. If anyone was placed on this Earth to win Super Bowls while simultaneously (but unintentionally?) drawing attention to his buttocks, it’s Rob Gronkowski.

He also tossed around footballs to the crowd during timeout because apparently it’s always the Rob Gronkowski show when Rob Gronkowski is in the building.

Where will the Gronk Squad appear next? Southie’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade? Opening day at Fenway? Gisele’s in-home hot yoga studio? A great question, one without a clear answer.