Massive, Human-Sized Ice Chunks Washed Ashore on Cape Cod

A meteorologist called it a 'once-in-a-generation' event.

New England might be gracing the end of the 2015 Snowpocalypse—hopefully, but not likely—and though it’s been a long winter, some quirky happenings captured around the state have made Boston’s tough situation better (the “MIT Alps,” snow tunnels, frozen waves, that guy who rented an igloo, etc.) The latest on this growing list are a bunch of human-sized chunks of ice that washed up on beaches in Wellfleet, Cape Cod.

CBS Boston’s chief meteorologist Eric Fisher said the ice chunks could be a “once-in-a-generation” event due to a tremendous amount of ice in the Massachusetts Bay. “It’s been an amazing winter with some unforgettable scenes. By most accounts, this is likely the most ice we’ve seen develop since the 1977-78 winter, and perhaps farther back than that,” Fisher told USA Today in an email.

Cape Cod-based artist Dapixara captured most of the images below, also stating on Twitter that the ice chunks are now melting.

The Weather Channel reports that 12 winter storms hit the U.S. between January 21 and March 5, and 11 of those storms struck New England. Four of them brought more than 16 inches of snow, and Massachusetts lost an estimated $1 billion in wages and profits due to the weather.

The 2015 winter season is the second snowiest winter Boston has ever seen with a record of 105.7 inches of snow.