20 Jokes to Expect at the St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast in South Boston

These are the topics politicians will likely bring up.

  1. So much snow!
  2. The MBTA doesn’t work (includes “Charlie on the MTA” jokes).
  3. Marty wants to take away Southie’s space savers.
  4. The Olympics in Boston would be weird, huh?
  5. Deval and others are making money from the Olympic bid.
  6. Linehan [showed up][didn’t show up]!
  7. Wacko is letting gay people march in the parade.
  8. DeLeo removed his own term limits.
  9. Charlie is a Republican, or Charlie is not like Deval Patrick.
  10. John Fish really, really wants Boston to host the Olympics.
  11. President-to-be Elizabeth Warren.
  12. Watch out Charlie, Maura’s gonna run in 2018.
  13. We all have to suck up to Senate President Stan now.
  14. What Menino thinks watching Marty from heaven.
  15. Legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts would be wild, huh?
  16. What’s up with Stan’s fiancee?
  17. Remember how Deval “reclassified” all those state employees?
  18. Why can’t reporters be fucking gentlemen when we throw them out of meetings?
  19. The State legislature and Boston City Council tried and failed to give themselves raises.
  20. I think I just saw Baker’s mystery fisherman.

For the actual jokes, follow @dbernstein on Twitter for live tweets from the ballroom Sunday morning.