City of Champions: Boston Set a New Snowfall Record

Sunday night's snowfall pushed us over the top.

Associated Press

Associated Press

Booyah! With the news that Boston finally set a new snowfall record Sunday night comes confirmation that we are, truly, a city of champions. Sure, this was a case where we were trying only to break our own previous record—competing against ourselves, essentially—but break it we did. With nearly three inches of snowfall as of 7 p.m. on Sunday night, the National Weather Service of Boston tweeted out the good news.

Boston has seen 108.6 inches of snowfall in the 2014-2015 season, besting the 107.6 inches that fell during the 1995-96 season. Maybe it was all the good luck we got from the Boston Yeti’s championship beard.

When two enormous winter storms first brought huge amounts of snow in the the span of just a few weeks, many Boston residents found themselves praying for a reprieve. But as it continued to snow and we approached a record, the competitive spirit in some residents came out. If we’re this close, and we’ve suffered this much, why not just go all the way? It was with that competitive spirit that most Bostonians greeted the final two inches Sunday night. The Boston Globe called it a “hard won victory.”

Mayor Marty Walsh, though, got a little sassy.

Indeed, for most people, this achievement was understandably bittersweet—a nice laurel, but no cause for a parade. And now that there’s no record to bash, most found themselves unconflicted in their hope that this most recent snowfall might be the last of it. Anything more this season will have basically no upside except to further cement our record. So close your eyes, pat yourselves on the back, and pray for spring’s final arrival.