Of Course It’s Going to Snow on the First Day of Spring

What did you expect? Flowers?

This year, your periodic reminder that nothing shall ever relieve you from the eternal prison of winter’s ravages is brought to you by…the National Weather Service, which is forecasting perhaps 1 to 2 inches of wet snow this Friday!

That’s right, the NWS predicts that it very well may snow on March 20, also known as “the first day of spring.” Already, whiney news outlets such as the Boston Globe are taking a tone with Mother Nature.

“But it’s spring,” we can hear them wailing. “On Friday, the sun’s rays are shining with equal strength on both northern and southern hemisphere, and everyday afterward for the next six months, we’re tilting ever closer to the sun. How could it possibly snow on such an occasion as this?”

You know what doesn’t care about the tilt of the earth? Boston’s climate.

No, she has a really special surprise planned for you wimps: more snow. And not the beautiful fluffy kind. The terrible wet kind that pairs all the soaking qualities of rain with all the shoveling duties of snow. Don’t say Nate Silver didn’t warn you. Indeed, anyone with an eye on historical trends could have predicted that the first day of spring might not bring a reprieve. According to Boston.com’s Weather Wisdom, the average final snow in Boston falls on April 1, well after the impotent astronomers have declared your precious “spring” season to have begun. Usually, it’s not a very heavy snowfall, but sometimes it can be. Remember the April Fool’s Day blizzard of 1997?

Sure, Boston’s snowfall record has already been set. Sure, the great bulk of the snow has likely fallen. Sure, much of it has even melted, leaving a sea of human garbage in its wake. But do not grow complacent. Best bet is to assume it will be snowing here until you die. That way, you can only be pleasantly surprised should this prove false.