Malia Obama Tours Harvard and Tufts, Might Become Hip Boston Teen

American princess to grace the grounds of the Hub?

malia Malia Obama, cool D.C. teen and aspiring college adult, was spotted on the grounds of Harvard and Tufts on Wednesday, based on reports from the Boston Globe and the Harvard Crimson, allegedly seeking out the campuses as possible universities to pursue. She’s currently a high school junior at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington.

While Malia was sighted sans Mr. President and First Lady, she heralded her arrival with a Secret Service entourage in tow. According to the Globe, her presence “did not cause much of a commotion.”

One particular Harvard student, who also works for the Crimson, caught Malia for a photo in one brave and ambitious selfie. Said student remains intact. Here is her eyewitness testimony:

Earlier this week, Malia was also in Providence where she visited Brown University. According to other news outlets around the country, Malia’s college search has also touched down at Yale and Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Princeton, NYU, and Columbia.

While no other photos of Malia at Tufts or Harvard have surfaced, one important question still remains: did any logical bystander approach her with an interruptive, but crucial question about her stance on Zayn? Please come forward if so.