Rob Gronkowski, Man-Child, Is Spiking Fruit for Charity

He also bravely pioneers spelling.


Twerk virtuoso Rob Gronkowski is turning into a do-gooder set by his own creative standards of ‘Gronking.’ On behalf of his Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and Kids 2 Camp, he wants to fly fans out to Boston to ‘Gronk-spike things’ on his party bus, an unusual, yet inventive gesture of goodness. You can Gronk watermelons! You can Gronk honeydew melons! You can Gronk all the other fruit shaped like melons! As long at it is a thing, you can GRONK IT!

In case you missed it, Gronk is also making headlines this week as one of the many Patriots players with cameos in the Mark Wahlberg-produced Entourage movie (he is twerking).