Rob Gronkowski Wants a Wife Who Will ‘Let Him Do Whatever He Wants’

This is a real thing he said out loud.

Dating optimist Rob Gronkowski revealed on the Jim Rome Show that he has some idealistic traits in his future wife, all of which will offend every feminist ever.

In possibly the most Gronk-ish interview yet—after this one, of course—Gronkowski told Jim Rome that The Wolf of Wall Street actress Margot Robbie is his dream lady, and Rome followed up with, “When the time comes, what are you looking for in Mrs. Gronk?”

Gronkowski prefaced his answer with an obligatory “You really want me to describe it?”

Everyone was all, Yes, obviously, we never wanted anything more! And then came his rebuttal:

Cleans, cooks, makes big cash, stays at home, let’s me do whatever I want…

Jim Rome interrupted his stream of consciousness with another question, “Gronk, who’s going to sign up for that shit?” Yes, Gronk, who? And more importantly, what would Beyonce say?

As most know, Rob Gronkowski is not known to be successful nor interested in the field of romance. Though many speculations have surfaced regarding potential girlfriends, Gronk remains single, as he revealed in this sophisticated dating testimony.