Mitt Romney’s Bracket Crushed Your Bracket

The former presidential contender's NCAA picks put him in the top 0.1 percentile. He should be comfortable there.

Associated Press

Associated Press

With Duke’s victory over Wisconsin in the NCAA Championship Game, we can safely say that former governor Mitt Romney’s bracket absolutely ruined your bracket.

Romney reportedly attended the Final Four games in Indianapolis on Saturday and the championship game on Monday, and he must have really enjoyed himself, because his picks, posted on’s Tournament Challenge, ranked 6,326th out of 11 million submissions. He correctly predicted the entire Final Four, the Duke and Wisconsin matchup, and Duke’s eventual victory. Altogether, he got 46 out of a possible 63 picks, putting him above the 99.9th percentile. He should be comfortable there.

People were quick to compare Romney to President Obama, against whom he faced off for president. Obama fills out a bracket every year, and this time, it didn’t go so well. He made 39 correct picks, but he thought Kentucky would face Villanova in the championship game.  He wound up at the 39.5th percentile.

We’re sure you could come up with many theories as to why Romney is such a bracket savant. Bracketology is a lot like finance or private equity, Slate says, so Romney’s ability to find underseeded teams is a lot like his skill at finding undervalued companies. A simpler reading, but one you can trust people are making somewhere on the vast internet, is that Romney is just better than Obama in all ways and should be president. Of course, Romney wasn’t as much of a savant when it came to his own election, where he was so confident in victory that he didn’t write a concession speech.

Whatever the cause for Romney’s success, you have to imagine he’s going to have less success in his next sporting challenge: his planned charity boxing match against Evander Holyfield. Romney’s obviously good at picking winners, so you know you should trust him when he imagines he’ll likely lose that matchup.