Boston College Is Using Drake

How dare you, Boston College.

Sensitive soul and alleged kitten Drake is yet again a victim of internet trickery. It seems that his new album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (a record with which he bravely pioneered the Beyoncé-surprise-album-drop that left us all doing this), is being used as a gag by none other than institution of prestige Boston College. How will we stand for such mockery?!

A young fellow by the name of Seth Dawkins, a three-star recruit, received this above note in the mail from BC that parodies If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late with similar child-like script. Apparently the college resorted to using Drake’s phrasing instead of a standard letter of recruitment. Savages! Vultures! Drake will not stand for being used!

Will this wisecrack note prove to be effective? Based on the lad’s “lol” feedback, we can assume that the prospect is completely unmoved by the gesture.

In response, we give you Drake, strolling right by Boston College, and heroically YOLOing in the process. Bye haters.