Please Assist Rob Gronkowski in Getting Down to Sick Beats

It's for charity! Do it for the kids!

Do you embody what it means to be a “party rocker,” as defined in the sophisticated words of pop/hip-hop musical artist LMFAO? Do you believe that you are shufflin’ every day? If so, Rob Gronkowski’s party bus is just the thing for you.

In a new promo video for Gronk’s party bus, which helps raise money for Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and Kids 2 Camp, the Pats player lists exactly what it takes to “party rock like a Gronk.” And here it is:

1. It takes focus.


2. It takes fitness.


3. It takes teamwork.


4. It takes the will to win.


5. And commitment to Taylor Swift.


*gets down to sick beat*

6. And most of all, you have to have heart.


You know Gronk. He never misses a beat, he’s lightning on his feet, etc.


Enter for your chance to party on Gronk’s party bus at