Highlights from the Patriots’ White House Visit

Not only did President Obama make a Deflategate joke, but Bill Belichick wore something with sleeves.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

Post-championship White House visits have become routine for Boston sports teams in the last decade and a half. Nine titles in 14 years captured by the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins have made this customary rendezvous a tad banal, even with Tim Thomas hopping atop his soapbox and Jonny Gomes morphing into Hacksaw Jim Duggan. President Barack Obama’s perennial “My Bears/White Sox/Bulls/Blackhawks will get ’em next year!” knee-slapper doesn’t help either.

Our Super Bowl champions stopped by 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on Thursday, joined by Secretary of State and part-time Beacon Hill resident John Kerry, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who rocked some killer shades on her way to her seat. Quarterback and 2028 presidential hopeful Tom Brady missed the trip, citing a prior family commitment.

In his presser, Obama even made a Deflategate joke! He went there! “I usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events, but with the Patriots in town, I was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat,” Obama quipped. Coach Bill Belichick disapproved and gave the president a thumbs-down—because if anyone can give the leader of the free world and possessor of the nuclear codes the thumbs-down, it’s Bill Belichick. Besides, taken out of context, the above photo looks an awful lot like a bloodless coup. By the look of Matt Patricia’s face, he’s got a cozy cabinet job lined up.

Anyway, here are a few more highlights from Obama’s remarks at the Patriots’ White House victory lap:

There are a lot of Patriot fans in the White House, and there are also a lot of Patriot fans in Congress. I just also want to point out that despite the fact that he travels probably more than any human on earth that somehow my Secretary of State, John Kerry, found a front-row seat to be here today.

But did he wear a scarf?

I’m particularly grateful that Coach decided to dress up today. We had some scissors if he wanted to cut the sleeves off. Formal hoodies are allowed.

Somewhere in a Babson dorm room, “Belisuits” has already started Series A funding.

Gronkowski just being Gronkowski. He’s not making rabbit ears back there. I told him to keep his shirt on. He asked me what would happen if he took it off. I said, “Secret Service probably wouldn’t like it.” He said, “What could they do to me?”

Looks like Gronk’s already in early-summer, perceived invincibility form.

[Malcom Butler]’s so small you can’t even see him. But made an unbelievable play, showed heart and guts on that goal-line slant pass … I think it’s fair to say that Malcolm has earned a lifetime of free drinks in every bar in Boston.

Very fair.

I just wish the city of Boston would share some of those titles you keep winning with Chicago. I’m hoping that I get to see the Bears before I leave here.

Oh, you.