Take Two Olympics and Call Me in the Morning

john fish

Photograph by David Yellen

1. John Fish

Chairman and CEO, Suffolk Construction; chairman, Boston 2024

Even before he reached for the five rings, John Fish had a formidable power base. He’s long cultivated connections at City Hall. Suffolk Construction’s cranes marked the spots of Boston’s next skyscrapers. The Massachusetts Competitive Partnership, which Fish chaired, gave the state’s top CEOs a unified, magnified voice. And Fish’s fundraising for numerous nonprofits attracted goodwill in civic circles. Now, as chair of Boston 2024, Fish is using the Olympics to make the city take a long, hard look at our long-term transportation, infrastructure, and housing woes—whether we like it or not. Mostly, it’s not: The bid has been a political disaster, and Fish’s reputation has suffered. But make no mistake—he’s not going anywhere. And until someone articulates a stronger vision, expect even Fish’s course corrections—such as Boston 2024’s endorsement of an Olympics referendum—to remain front-page news.

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