Meb Keflezighi Has Gained 12 Pounds Since the Boston Marathon

The 2014 champion is taking a much deserved break from the training and diet regimen.

Photo by Olga Khvan

Photo by Olga Khvan

Maybe watching the Boston Marathon gave you an annual kick in the pants to lace up your dusty running shoes, hit the road, and drop a few pounds. Not so for elite runner and local favorite Meb Keflezighi, whose scale has moved in the other direction since Marathon Monday.

Meb sent out a photo of the scale just four days before the race:

Now, 10 days later, with no running and no dieting, he says he weighs in at 134 pounds.

Keflezighi came to Boston this year as the returning champion, and though he didn’t reprise his 2014 win, his photo finish, lifting the hand of a fellow elite runner, made for an iconic moment.

What’s behind all the weight gain? Obviously, it’s the drop-off in his grueling training regimen after the big race—his next marathon isn’t until the fall, he tells the NYDN. But his Twitter also suggests we can blame the Google cafeteria or perhaps some Philly cheesesteaks. No worries though. When he’s training, his regimen includes running 100 to 130 miles a week. Twelve extra pounds don’t stand a chance.