A Superlative Storrow Drive Overpass Truck Crash

Let's tally the points.

If you had a trying time commuting via Storrow Drive last night, it was probably due to a particularly spectacular collision between a truck and a Storrow Drive overpass. As usual, in the faceoff between man and immovable object, the immovable object won.

Here are several angles:

If, improbably, you picked May 5 in the annual #StorrowPool contest that seeks to guess the date of the first accident of the year, well, congrats. You’re a psychic. Let’s renew our calls for a camera on each of these bridges, which could be used to make a pretty awesome supercut of truck accidents, and which just might also further publicize the dangers of driving a truck on Storrow.

State Police tweeted news of the accident shortly before 4 p.m. on Monday. Almost 24 hours later, the judges agree, even in the long history of entanglements between truckers that don’t read road signs and Storrow Drive overpasses, this is a pretty superlative example. Let’s tally the points, using the Storrow Pool Utter Fiasco Scale (where low scores are preferable.)

Lost roof: +2
Affected Two Lanes of Traffic: +5
Allowed Some Traffic to Pass: -4
Truck Was Able to Drive Itself Away from Accident: -1
Happened Before a Red Sox Home Game: +5
Happened Just Before Rush Hour: +10
No Injuries: -10

Total Score: Huge pain in the ass.