Elizabeth Warren Accidentally Met with People Who Want Elizabeth Warren to Be President

Also: Charlie Baker is America's most popular politician, Marty Walsh has company, and Tamerlan didn't actually have AIDS.

Scooplet! Politico reports that after telling everyone over and over and over again that she is absolutely definitely totally not running for president, Elizabeth Warren accidentally met with the “Draft Warren” people who are still begging her to run for president.“The point of the meeting was to discuss economic and social justice issues,” an aide to the senator told the mag. “As Senator Warren has said many times, she does not support the draft group’s efforts and is not running for president.” You don’t say? [Politico]

Also, this just in: Based on a well-worn, four-month-old anecdote, Bloomberg weighs in with the shocking allegation that—wait for it—Wall Street is not fond of Elizabeth Warren. Bonus: This bananas infographic of people who actually like Elizabeth Warren—people like Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz, former Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon, and of course George F–ing Soros. Wait, Bloomberg knows who Kim Gordon is? [Bloomberg]

Joke’s on Bloomberg, though, because you know who’s more popular than Elizabeth Warren? According to a glowing profile in NatJo: “The Most Popular Politician in America,” Charlie Baker, that’s who. Here’s the relevant quote:

A Suffolk University poll in mid-April showed that 70 percent of Massachusetts voters approved of Baker. Those figures, the envy of virtually any public official, weren’t an anomaly, as other surveys have also shown the governor flying high. What’s more, Baker’s high personal ratings (74 percent of Suffolk respondents said they viewed him favorably) made him more popular than the state’s highest-profile Democrat, progressive star Elizabeth Warren.

[National Journal]

In other news:

Marty Walsh has company: A Dorchester woman and a Roslindale woman, each of whom has lost a family member to violence, have occupied the Mayor’s office to protest the city’s backlog of unsolved homicides. “We’re going to be here as long as it takes,” 74-year-old Norma Hylton tells the Herald. [Boston Herald]

In addition to everything else, it turns out Tamerlan Tsarnaev was the kind of asshole who tricks his girlfriend into thinking that he gave her AIDS. [Daily Mail]

As Boston.com helpfully points out, in Massachusetts it is still legal to send a SWAT team to a stranger’s house. We wish this was a hypothetical. [Boston.com]

Chinese students now account for 10 percent of the incoming freshman class at Brandeis University, while Jewish students account for less than half the school’s undergrads, according to an article by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The article notes that Chinese students have recently staged an installation of Asian stereotypes they encounter at the school, but also quotes one Chinese student as saying he was drawn to the university because “It’s run by Jewish, and Jews are smarter.” [JTA.org]

Rhode Island students from RISD and Brown designed a house that runs on about as much energy as a hairdryer. You can visit it in France. [Rhode Island Public Radio]

Did you see the thing where Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon pretend to be Extreme? [YouTube]

How come the Smiths’ frontman Morrissey has never posed on Morrissey Boulevard? Could it be because he’s from England, and doesn’t give a crap about the street where the Boston Globe lives? TRICK QUESTION, because of course Morrissey has totally been to Morrissey Boulevard, and he totally posed with the sign, because he’s a big goof. Here’s the evidence. [Vanyaland]

Back in our Spring Arts Preview in March we told you about a web-tastic public sculpture coming to the Greenway. It’s here, check it out: