Donald Trump Tweets Support for Tom Brady After DeflateGate Report

'He is my friend and a total winner!'

Photo by Albert H. Teich /

Photo by Albert H. Teich /

The NFL was rumored to be handing down Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension Friday for his “more probable than not” involvement in DeflateGate, but later reports moved Commissioner Roger Goodell’s verdict to next week. That gave failed casino owner and perennial Republican primary bow-out Donald Trump enough time to take to Twitter and defend Brady against a sea of blazing hot takes.

King Canute has a point. Brady sliced and diced the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game in question on his way to winning a fourth Super Bowl ring, garnering MVP honors and earning mention in the same breath as his childhood idol, Joe Montana. His possible involvement in DeflateGate makes it all that much more puzzling. He didn’t need to cheat.

Trump’s tweet puts many Patriots fans in an awkward spot, allied with an unsavory character in defense of the fan-base’s hero. If Trump is telling the truth and he and Brady are indeed lads, it doesn’t reflect well on Brady’s circle of friends, which we’ve learned includes Floyd Mayweather.

It’s the company you keep, Tom.