A Patriots Fan Started a GoFundMe to Help Pay the Team’s $1 Million Deflategate Fine

And people are actually donating.

Photo by Olga Khvan

Photo by Olga Khvan

In keeping with his wildly spirited agenda to save the Patriots from Tom Brady’s “ridiculous discipline,” a fan is bravely stepping up to initiate efforts in aiding the Patriots where they definitely need it most: money. Next to Brady’s four-game suspension, the Patriots are facing a $1 million fine for their involvement in Deflategate, which is incredibly foul and unfair to owner Bob Kraft, a mere commoner of the world whose money does not grow on trees. How dare you, NFL?

Thankfully, an ambitious person by the name of Michael J. Whitman set up a GoFundMe campaign to help his fair team pay off their dues. As of 11:10 a.m. on Tuesday, the campaign has raised over $1,400. Whitman writes:

We obviously know we won’t reach One Million Dollars, however we do believe the fine is bulls**t and want to help anyway we can. So whatever is donated will be donated to the New England Patriots in help with the fine! As we venture with this, we will do frequent updates to show progression of this! If enough is made to make the travel, we will fly down there (on our own expenses) and deliver a check in person!

Gutted by the agony caused by this incredible injustice committed against Tom Brady, many Patriots fans left courageous comments with their donations. One person writes, “Let’s go win another Super Bowl and show the rest of the league what happens when you put the Pats in the corner. GO PATS!” And another, “Enjoy your 4 week vacation Tom. We’ll see you week 5.” And a third, “GO PATS THEY HATE US BECAUSE THEY AINT US.”

Where would Tom Brady be without this undying emotional and financial support from fans? At his Brookline mansion, shedding tears of misery onto the shoulder of his multi-million dollar supermodel wife, probably. United we stand!