Olbermann Names Boston 2024’s Steve Pagliuca One of ‘World’s Worst’

The Celtics co-owner and rumored Boston 2024 chairman-to-be drew the ire of ESPN's Keith Olbermann.


Boston Celtics co-owner and Bain Capital executive Steve Pagliuca is rumored to be replacing construction magnate John Fish as chairman of the Boston 2024 Olympics bid after a shaky start and lukewarm public support for hosting the games. Pagliuca, currently a vice chairman at Boston 2024, is reportedly in the process of reaching out to contacts at Bain, Boston 2024, and United States Olympic Committee before formally accepting the new gig.

Keith Olbermann took to his eponymous ESPN2 show to roast Pagliuca, handing him a bronze medal of badness in his “World’s Worst” segment.

“There’s been a controversy over the Boston Olympics, mostly because the city government and the construction industry in New England are in favor of it, and you know, the four-and-a-half million other people who live there are pretty much all opposed to what history has proved would be a civic nightmare,” Olbermann says.

Olbermann expressed disappointment that no one informed him of the Celtics co-owner’s name, as the surname “Pagliuca” is something of an inside joke amongst ESPN veterans.

Ranked worse than Pagliuca were Chicago White Sox prospect Courtney Hawkins, whose home-run ball struck a moving train but did not land aboard it, and Mike Capko, who used his bare hands to catch a foul ball at a Phillies-Mets game instead of shielding the infant strapped to his chest.