Charlie Baker Is Awesome at Twitter

The gov's got game.

In April, the Boston Globe reported on how “wicked popular” first term Governor Charlie Baker really is.

The Globe writes, “After just over 100 days in office, he may well be the most popular governor in the United States with stratospheric 74 percent favorable and 70 percent job approval ratings, according to a recent Suffolk University poll.”

This makes the new leader of the Commonwealth just slightly less popular than kittens…and the Red Sox. Apparently, those honors are reserved for the late Mayor Tom Menino.

The Globe story takes a look at polling, likability, and policy. But one thing it fails to mention: Baker’s amazing Twitter account. Not @MassGovernor, the inherited account that gets passed along to the governor in office and frequently updated by staffers, but @CharlieBakerMA, his personal account that Boston has confirmed is 100 percent run by Baker himself.

What makes Baker an impressive Tweeter? Below, 11 examples:

1. He takes selfies.

2. And holds his phone the right way.

3. He says OMG.

4. And has an affinity for exclamation points.

5. He engages with reporters.

6. A lot.

7. He’s got jokes.

8. He even makes fun of his own staff.

9. He uses the “quote” feature the right way.

10. He responds to people who Tweet at him.

11. Even those who may be trolling him.