Ted Cruz Says Tom Brady Was Framed, Blames Hillary Clinton

The Republican senator and Harvard Law School alum maintains Brady's innocence in Deflategate.

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has revealed this week either an intense fascination with Massachusetts, or the sort of shameless pandering indicative of primary season (see: Hillary Clinton’s elusive Southern twang).

Cruz made a stop at State Rep. Jim Lyons’ home in Andover—a short distance from his opponent Jeb Bush’s alma mater Phillips Academy—and delivered a lackluster John F. Kennedy impression, gleefully dropping his R’s to the delight of the crowd.

Cruz also made an appeal to Patriots Nation, claiming embattled quarterback Tom Brady was framed for his role in Deflategate.

“Let me start by saying: Tom Brady was framed. Now I’m not willing to pander on much, but on that, Tom Brady was framed!” Cruz said. He added jokingly, “And I will say this: I have it on good authority that Hillary Clinton did it. Why do you think she deleted her emails?”

Cruz is no stranger to the Boston area. The Texas senator attended Harvard Law School, enrolling the year after President Barack Obama left, and the same year Sen. Elizabeth Warren started teaching. There, he played Rev. Samuel Parris in the law school drama society’s production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Salem witch trials.

Cruz’s first campaign stop in the Bay State did not go unnoticed by Democratic Congressman Seth Moulton, who represents Massachusetts’ 6th District: