Sam Adams Has Plans for Boston 2024 Beer

Sure, the Olympic bid is on shaky ground. But Sam Adams is still looking to trademark 'Boston 2024.'



There’s a lot left to work out about Boston’s Olympic bid. The plan needs revising, the International Olympic Committee needs convincing, 60 percent of the Massachusetts populace needs wooing... But hey, at least Boston 2024’s got its beer plans on lock.

That’s according to Boston Business Journal, anyway, which reports that Boston Beer Corp., the makers of Sam Adams, have filed to trademark the phrase “Boston 2024.” This comes, apparently, after a “very preliminary conversation” between the beer makers and Boston 2024 organizers, and it is in keeping with other event-themed beers the company has put out, like their “26.2 Brew.” The move would give them the exclusive right to brew a beer with the Boston 2024 brand. According to the BBJ:

Other companies will soon have the opportunity to oppose Boston Beer’s application. If none does, or if the opponents fail to strike down the application, Boston Beer will own the trademark, likely before many of its rivals will have even considered the possibility of a Boston Olympics-themed beer.

Sure, this might seem premature. But the fact that the beer company is cornering the market on an official Boston 2024 beer before Boston 2024 is even a reality reveals how intense the world around Olympic games trademarks and sponsorships can be. Olympics organizers are notoriously protective of the trademark and brand. Host countries are required to pass laws protecting the trademarks. And companies that try to profit off association with the Games are often aggressively pursued.

If Boston wins the bid to host the Olympics, not just any brewery will be allowed to slap “Boston 2024” on their product. That’s why, despite the shaky ground on which Boston’s bid stands, you already see companies like Boston Beer Corp. thinking ahead.