MBTA Eliminating ‘Archaic’ Honor Boxes from System’s Parking Lots

Now arriving in: 2015.

Photo by Chelsea Kyle

Photo by Chelsea Kyle

The MBTA will eliminate its self-described “archaic” honor boxes from its parking lots next month, replacing them with smartphone-based payment system PayByPhone.

“The MBTA is eliminating the much-maligned process of folding individual dollar bills and stuffing them into tiny slots,” the agency announced in an oddly self-deprecating release. “The easier, more convenient payment method is PayByPhone which allows customers to pay parking fees by using any phone or any internet connected device.” The MBTA notes that 75 percent of riders who park in honor-box lots already use PayByPhone.

Starting July 6, riders’ options will include the PayByPhone app, paying a monthly invoice via mail with a 50-cent or 12.5-percent surcharge, and purchasing a monthly permit, accepted at any MBTA parking facility with an equal or lesser daily parking rate.