Is Rush Limbaugh Moving to a Boston Spanish Radio Station?

El Rushbo's absence from the Boston airwaves may be short-lived.

Rush Limbaugh poses with a recipient of the Rush Limbaugh award. Photo via Nicolas Shayko's Flickr,  Creative Commons

Rush Limbaugh poses with a recipient of the Rush Limbaugh award. / Photo via Nicolas Shayko on Flickr/Creative Commons

Longtime conservative yakker Rush Limbaugh may not be leaving Boston’s radio airwaves after all.

In May, the longtime Boston home for Limbaugh, WRKO, announced that they were unable to come to terms with him on a new contract and were parting ways. An official final day for Limbaugh has not been released, but it may not matter because El Rushbo, as he’s known to his fans, appears to be headed to a smaller Spanish-language station based in Everett.

RadioInsight and Universal Hub report that Limbaugh’s antics may be moving to the low wattage WKOX 1430 AM. WKOX is an iHeartMedia (formerly known as Clear Channel) station with just 5,000-watts of daytime power. According to Boston Radio Watch, the station was known for decades as a “corny” easy-listening station with the call letters WXKS. WKOX is one of three Spanish-language radio stations currently broadcasting in the Greater Boston area. If Limbaugh does make the jump to 1430 it’s likely that the station will convert to an all-talk format as the domain “” redirects to the iHeartRadio homepage.

Excluding a brief experiment at the now defunct “Rush Radio 1200,” Limbaugh has been on WRKO since he entered the Boston market in 1991. The latest conservative talk radio station to enter the Boston market, 1510 WMEX, said thanks but no thanks to airing Limbaugh on their airwaves and instead appear to be focusing on local talkers.

Limbaugh’s program, “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” is broadcast on more than 590 radio stations across the country.

Limbaugh’s syndicators Premiere Networks, WRKO, and WKOX did not respond to attempts seeking comment at press time.

Full disclosure: The author of this post was a weekend and part-time substitute host at WRKO.