MassDOT Announces 2015 Low Number License Plate Lottery

You could be the proud owner of the coveted 'Z9' plate.

Image via MassDOT RMV

Image via MassDOT RMV

For many, license plates contain six randomly jumbled together letters and numbers, only worth knowing if on the phone with the insurance company or combing a labyrinthian parking garage. But for some, license plates with just a character or two is a status symbol—the cool simplicity of one letter and one number, in stark contrast to everyone else’s decoder ring code.

MassDOT has announced its low number license plate lottery for 2015, with 156 plates up for grabs, including: Z9, 7X, L91, and 650. Each year, MassDOT receives roughly 6,000 applications for these coveted plates, which must be renewed every two years.

“It’s the favorite time of year again for Massachusetts plate aficionados,” MassDOT Registrar of Motor Vehicles Erin C. Deveney said in a release. The belle of last year’s ball was the 351 plate—significant, because there are 351 cities and town in Massachusetts.

Of course, the lottery is only open to Massachusetts residents. Entry forms must be submitted before August 21. Details of the drawing will be announced later this summer (Winners must be announced by September 15, by law). Lottery entrants may not pick a specific plate, and will instead by considered for all 156 plates listed below:

Image via MassDOT

Image via MassDOT RMV

You can enter this year’s lottery here.