State Police: Don’t Bring Your Drone This Fourth of July

The Esplanade is a 'No drone zone.'

Drone Photo Uploaded By Don McCullough on Flickr

Drone Photo Uploaded By Don McCullough on Flickr

Massachusetts State Police are warning spectators planning on attending this year’s Fourth of July celebration on the Esplanade to leave their drones at home.

State police have added drones to their lengthy list of prohibited items, along with coolers on wheels, backpacks, and propane tanks. Attendees caught operating drones near the celebration could even face state or federal penalties. Looks like you’ll just have to get your kicks flying your $3,000 flying robot camera else.

“There won’t be any government drones here, there won’t be drones at all here,” Alben said at a press conference on the Esplanade this morning.

Alben said that drones pose a potential danger for throngs of people that normally gather along Storrow Drive to watch the Boston Pops at the Hatch Shell and fireworks on Charles River. Alben went further though and said that drones could interfere with airborne police activities in the area around the planned celebrations. Drones have banned from other prominent public events like the Boston Marathon.

“The FAA takes this quite seriously,” said Alben.


A wide range of security personnel are expected to patrol the area for any suspicious activity as it is one of the largest public gatherings of the year in Boston.

So now that you know you can’t bring your buzzing drone to the Esplanade here’s a link with everything you need to know if you are one of those crazy people that enjoys spending ALL DAY being crammed together with a bunch of strangers.

Pro Tip: Avoid the madness of the Esplanade and watch the fireworks from across the river in Cambridge. You may not be able to see Keith Lockhart but it’s much more laid back and you can breathe.