Tiny Boston Celebrating a Tiny Fourth of July Is Just Adorable

What is this, a Fourth of July for ants?

An estimated half-million people watched the fireworks display from the banks of the Charles River this Fourth of July. From the top of the Green Building in Kendall Square, they look like the most patriotic ants of all.

Vimeo user Victor Hung shot Saturday’s festivities from the iconic MIT building, filming breathtaking views of both Boston and Cambridge in a video titled, “Mini Independence Day.” Using the tilt-shift technique, Hung transforms familiar sights into little toy models: tiny boats skimming across a trickling Charles, a postage stamp Citgo sign, a blimp skittering past like the Pru like a wayward gnat.

The fireworks themselves look almost otherworldly, cascading like some kaleidoscopic Bellagio fountain, except…tiny.

[h/t r/boston]