Wynn Resorts Threatens to Sue Boston for Defamation

The casino giant wants the city to 'apologize' for causing the company 'irreparable damage.'

Planned Wynn casino in Everett. Rendering by Wynn.

Planned Wynn casino in Everett. Rendering by Wynn.

The war of words between Wynn Resorts and the City of Boston continues to escalate with the casino empire now threatening to file a counter lawsuit against the city.

An attorney for Wynn sent a cease and desist letter to Boston on Monday urging City Hall to stop its “campaign of falsehoods” against Wynn and to apologize for actions that have caused the company “irreparable damage.”

The letter, authored by attorney Barry B. Langberg, goes on to blast the city for its lawsuit against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, contending that it was “more a public relations piece than a legal document” and that it was “carefully worded with falsehoods for public relations effect.”

“Apparently, you have conducted yourselves with reckless disregard for the truth because you somehow feel your actions are immune from accountability,” said Langberg.

In its amended lawsuit against the MGC the city calls for the entire licensing process for the eastern Massachusetts region to be thrown and trashes the commissioners as “corrupt.” Boston subpoenaed a dozen people in its lawsuit including former Massachusetts state troopers, former MassDOT Secretary Richard Davey, and individuals connected to the business community.

A motion to dismiss Boston’s lawsuit will be heard on Thursday in a Suffolk County courtroom.