‘Baby Doe’ Image Updated with Earrings as Search Continues

Can you identify this child?

Image via Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Image via Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The Center for Missing and Exploited Children has updated their computer-generated image of the child whose body was found on Deer Island in Winthrop two weeks ago to include earrings, in the latest effort to identify her.

State and local police, along with the Suffolk Country District Attorney’s office, have spread the original composite portrait across Facebook and Twitter, calling for vigilance. “We ask the public to be alert for any children who seem to have gone missing from their communities, their neighborhoods, schools, summer programs, parks, churches or any other places where people gather,” Mass. State Police wrote on Facebook.

Police say the girl was approximately four years old, about 30 pounds and 3.5-feet-tall, with brown eyes and brown hair. She was found on June 25 inside a garbage bag on the western shore of Deer Island with a zebra-print blanket, wearing white leggings with black polka dots.

The first computer-generated image of “Baby Doe” has been seen or shared by more than 45 million people, according to Renee Nadeau Algarin, deputy press secretary at the Suffolk County D.A.’s office. The latest version includes earrings, after state police confirmed she had pierced ears. “The previous composite should not be considered inaccurate, but this one represents the most up-to-date version,” state police said.

Anyone with knowledge of the girl’s identity is urged to call Mass. State Police (508-820-2121), the Suffolk County State Police Detective Unit, (617-727-8817) or Winthrop Police (617-539-5806).