North Station Bro Destination Raided By City

It could be the end of the road for this popular spot.

The Greatest Bar, a destination popular with bros that wear Lucic Fight Club t-shirts in a non-ironic manner, has been raided by the city.

City officials raided the bar on Thursday in response to the bar’s lengthy list of code violations, including several that were violent incidents that resulted injuries. One incident involved an assault on a police officer. In 2014 a brawl at the Greatest Bar ended with one employee being stabbed over 10 times while the other was bottled over the head. In 2013 a man was stabbed outside the bar around 2 a.m.

The Boston Herald reported that the coordinated raid involved city police officers, the Inspectional Services Department, and Boston’s Problem Properties Task Force.

Officials with the city told the Herald that the Greatest Bar has not responded to numerous requests from the city to meet with them and shape up.

“The history of this property is intense, and when we try to work with them, they’ve been unresponsive,” Christopher said to the Herald.

It’s a charge that the bar’s ownership denies but plans to rectify. The city threatened to revoke their license if they do not meet with the city.

During the raid city officials found the bar had over 30 safety violations.

The bar’s business manager met with the ISD this morning according to WCVB. A decision on the fate of the bar will be handed down at 2 p.m.

It is possible that the bar will not be open at 3 p.m. for the big U2 concert at TD Garden tonight.

In a statement the bar’s management team said through a spokesperson that they would do everything in their power to satisfy the city.

“City had not previously communicated with any of the owners of The Greatest Bar about their concerns.  As we learned last night, they have been attempting to communicate with the owner of the building itself, The Greatest Bar’s landlord, who has no involvement with the business operations,” said the management team in their statement.