Alexander Ciccolo, ISIS-Inspired Son of Boston Cop, Praises Terrorist Organization

'They're doing a good thing.'

Alexander Ciccolo in 2014 via Northern Berkshire District Court

Alexander Ciccolo in 2014 via Northern Berkshire District Court

The son of a Boston Police captain with alleged sympathies for the apocalyptic Islamic terrorist death cult ISIS is being held in a federal detention facility until his trial begins.

Alexander Ciccolo, 23, of Adams, was one several individuals arrested by the FBI during a counterterrorism sting over the July 4 weekend. Ciccolo allegedly plotted to attack a college campus with a pressure cooker bomb and small arms. Ciccolo was given two rifles and two handguns for the attack for free by a cooperating witness working with the FBI.

During his detention hearing prosecutors played a video of Ciccolo speaking highly of ISIS during an interview with the FBI after his arrest on gun charges.

“Are they doing a good thing?” asks the unidentified person off camera.

“Yeah, yeah they are,” answers Ciccolo.

Ciccolo said they’re doing “good” things like “implementing sharia, freeing people from oppression, wherever they go they’re changing things.”

In the 8 minute and 30 second video Ciccolo went even further, defending the executions by ISIS and declaring reports about them killing women and children as lies. He said people killed by ISIS were either criminals or standing in the way of the implementation of sharia law.

Additional charges against Ciccolo are expected.

Watch the video here: