Chatham Beachgoers Save Stranded Great White Shark

The seven-foot great white shark was trapped on a sandbar.

Screencap of Mike Bartel's Video

Screenshot from video by Mark Bartel (watch below).

Beachgoers are not known for being big fans of sharks—earlier this month, one attacked a former Boston Herald editor off the coast of North Carolina. But a small group in Chatham recently came to one’s aid.

On Monday several people on South Beach in the Cape Cod town helped free a beached great white shark after it became trapped on a sandbar while chasing seagulls.

The majority of the shark rescue was caught on camera.

Onlookers attempted to help the seven-foot shark survive by throwing water on it as it occasionally moved around on the sand.

After officials arrived with a line and boat, they towed the shark back into the water, where they tagged it before releasing it back into the ocean.