A Big Air Skiing Competition Is Coming to Fenway Park

Get ready to shred.

via US Ski and Snowboard Association

via US Ski and Snowboard Association

Get ready to shred at Fenway Park this winter.

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association has agreed in principal with the owners of  Fenway Park to bring the U.S. Grand Prix tour to the old bandbox on February 11-12, 2016.

The deal is 100% finalized as the two are still putting together sponsors but they both remain very optimistic. USSA officials need to secure 12 sponsors for the event to happen. Fenway Sports Management and the USSA have agreed to share the costs and revenues of the event.

A 100-foot temporary ramp will likely need to be constructed at Fenway in order to give big-air snowboarders and skiers enough running room to build up momentum to complete mid-air jumps and tricks. Snow is unlikely to be an issue for the event as February is historically Boston’s second snowiest month. A definite design for the event has not been decided on.

Freeskiing and big-air snowboard is not an officially recognized Olympic event but USSA officials are hopeful that their expansion of this tour to urban areas and unique stadiums like Fenway Park will turn around the opinions of the IOC.

A formal announcement of the event is expected later this year.