Hail Rains Down on Boston

One heck of a storm just ripped through the city, showering Boston with heavy rain and golfball-sized hail.

Hail in Boston / Photo by Garrett Quinn

Hail in Boston / Photo by Garrett Quinn

A wild hail storm clobbered Boston on Tuesday with a wild combination of intense winds and golfball-sized hail.

At the Boston magazine office, we took cover as the hail was so intense some were concerned it would break the glass roof. Here’s a video of the hail as it rained down our building—note how incredibly loud it was:

The storm passed through Boston relatively quickly. About 20 minutes after the hail subsided, the sun reappeared over Boston and the rain stopped. No reports at press time of serious damage to structures around the city.

Here’s how others in Boston saw the hail raining down: