Mayor Walsh Wants Crackdown on Loud Off Road Vehicles

The loud recreational vehicles are driving residents nuts in some corners of the city.


Mayor Marty Walsh wants to put a stop to the loud roar of dirt bikes and ATVs that is plaguing some Boston neighborhoods.

Walsh filed an ordinance with the City Council on Wednesday that will regulate the use of dirt bikes and other off road vehicles like ATVs. The ordinance, if approved, would prohibit people from using the vehicles on public land within city limits. The ordinance does not stop as mere operation though and blocks the performance of stunts and tricks, like operating the vehicle with one wheel on the ground. Under this new ordinance police officers would be allowed to cite off road vehicle users and issue them fines of up to $300 for improper and dangerous operation.

“We are committed to creating safer streets for our officers and for our residents and visitors. I look forward to working with the City Council to pass this ordinance, and end the inappropriate and dangerous use of recreational vehicles to better protect our communities,” said Walsh in a statement.

The ordinance prohibits off road vehicle operators from gathering on private property in large numbers without the owner’s knowledge or approval. Operators of such vehicles would have to obtain written authorization from the landlord before using an off road vehicle on the land.

The ordinance has already received early support from some councilors.

“Recreational vehicles have become both a nuisance on our neighborhoods disrupting the quality of life and genuine public safety hazard,” said Boston City Councilor Stephen Murphy in a statement.