Name the Boston Police Department’s Cute New Puppy

This dog needs a name.

Photo via Boston Police Department.

Photo via Boston Police Department.

The Boston Police Department wants you to come up with a name for the newest addition to its K-9 unit.

The puppy is a nine-week-old Belgian Shepherd male and will focus on patrol and explosive ordinance detection, commonly known as EOD.

Now, the BPD wants a strong name for this puppy. Troy Caisey, the pup’s trainer in the department, said the name cannot be more than two syllables. He suggested names like Tuco, Bronson, and Solo as possible names for the dog.

On Tuesday, BPD Superintendent William Gross said that the department has received 2,219 responses with possible names for the pup. The effort to name this dog has certainly gone viral.

The leading candidate so far? Martin, in honor of the Boston Marathon bombings’ youngest victim, eight-year-old Martin Richard of Dorchester.

Feel free to leave your choice for a name in the comments. If you want to participate in the BPD’s contest, email with your name choice. The winner will receive a Boston Police patch from the department.