Donald Trump to ‘Come on Down!’ to Ernie Boch Jr.’s Place for Fundraiser

It's gonna be yuuuge!

Ever wonder if two billionaires with wild hairstyles can co-exist in the same room?

Well, on August 28, you’ll find out when local car dealership magnate and avid rock-n-roller Ernie Boch Jr. hosts a fundraiser for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump at his Norwood manse.

Even though he is throwing a fundraiser for him, Boch says he is not sure Trump can actually make it all the way to the White House given his controversial nature.

“He’s very polarizing. People either love him or hate him. I don’t know if he’s electable, but I think he’d be good for our economy. And once we get the economy under control, everyone will be much better off,” Boch told the Boston Herald on Wednesday.

Boch thinks Trump, with his extensive business experience, would do wonders for the national economy. His people skills…not quite there.

In the last month, Trump has offended a majority of likely voters with his brash comments about immigrants, veterans, and women. He’s called Mexicans criminals and rapists, he insulted war hero Senator John McCain by suggesting he was a loser for being captured in Vietnam, and he suggested Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly asked him tough questions at a debate because she was menstruating. Even with these comments Trump continues to lead the large GOP pack with roughly 15 to 20 percent of the vote in recent polls.

Boch told WCVB‘s Janet Wu that Trump, a man who has been in the press for decades, is just misunderstood.

“I think some of the things he says he shouldn’t say. But I think a lot of things he says, he’s saying in jest, with humor, and people are taking it wrong,” Boch said.

People looking to attend the fundraiser at Boch’s home need to donate $100 to the Trump campaign. Boch is expecting 500 to 700 people to show for the event, which is being billed as “Ernie’s Summer Bash.”