Oh God, the RMV Is Now on Twitter

Pour one out for whoever has to check the mentions.

Mass RMV Twitter

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles announced Monday it has joined Twitter, providing you with another faceless institution to direct all your angst toward electronically, in case you had grown tired of cable companies.

“The purpose of creating this independent RMV Twitter feed is to provide customers with a more straightforward and transparent method of receiving and sending Registry communications,” the Registry said in a release. “Previously, all RMV tweets were included within the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s social media Twitter feeds.”

The account, which will provide RMV news, service updates, and other real-time information, is at the center of a perfect storm. Think about it: bored people sitting bored in a boring place with nothing but Twitter, a smartphone, and a ticket estimating how much longer they’ll be bored for (no guarantees). It’s already begun.

Not long after the Monday’s announcement, it became apparent that the staff running @MassRMV were unaccustomed to the bubbling lagoon of snark we Twitter users inhabit.

But hey—better they care too much than not at all, right?