FCC Complaints Against Patriots Include Brady’s F-bombs, Edelman’s Tupac T-shirt

And one foulmouthed soul standing up for Brady’s right to sound off on the gridiron.

Tom Brady

Photo via AP

NFL broadcasters love talking about how passionate of a player Tom Brady is, how fierce a competitor he is. And nothing illustrates this passion and fierceness better than a quick clip of Brady on the sideline dropping f-bombs in moments of rage.

But not everyone enjoys these glimpses of the golden boy letting loose. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Boston, the Federal Communications Commission released 26 complaints it has received since 2012 that make reference to Tom Brady or the New England Patriots.

Of the 26 complaints turned over by the FCC, 20 pertain to Tom Brady’s proclivity for dropping f-bombs in moments of frustration, with a dozen of the Brady-specific complaints being in reference to his memorable bursts of rage during a November 2014 game against the Packers.

One viewer from Menomonie, Wisconsin, so upset with CBS’s decision to air this moment, vowed to “turn the volume off, and change the channel at every commercial” whenever he or she watched CBS in the future. The same individual claimed that a “protest is not far off” and reminded the FCC that football is “not just watched by overweight, beer drinking, middle aged men with erectile dysfunction…it is a family event.”

Alas, one stalwart, foulmouthed ‘Merican from Chandler, Arizona, having learned of the uproar over Brady’s string of frustrated f-bombs, took a profane stand in favor of the QB.

I am submitting my complaint to the people complaining about Tom Brady say fuck during the game. Who really gives a fuck? Where do we complain to tell them to shut the fuck up? This is still a free fuckin’ country right? The real problem is the Viagra commercials…how the fuck they explain those to their kids… ‘hey kiddo’s, your mom don’t turn me on any more so I take a pill to make my dick hard.’ Grow the fuck up!!!

Brady isn’t the only Patriot viewers have beef with, though. On January 19 of this year, a viewer in Delphi, Indiana, raised concerns with Julian Edelman’s decision to sport a T-shirt that says “Trust Nobody” above an image of Tupac giving the middle finger. The agitated viewer writes:

NBC nightly news had a story on New England Patriorts. During the story there was an interview with New England Player Julian Edleman wearing a T-shirt that said Trust Nobody and showing a black male flipping me off with both hands. Very poor taste on MLK day.

Below, for your viewing pleasure, are all the complaints the FCC turned over.

FCC Complaints Involving New England Patriorts