Baggage Handlers and Airplane Cleaners Strike at Logan Airport

About 100 non-union workers are striking against G2 Secure Staff and ReadyJet.

Workers protesting at Logan Airport in June. Photo via SEIU 32BJ

Workers protesting at Logan Airport in June. Photo via SEIU 32BJ

The people who clean the airplanes you fly and pick up the bags you carry at Logan Airport are holding a one day strike on Wednesday to protest their employer’s opposition to their unionization effort.

Roughly 100 airport workers under contract with G2 Secure Staff and ReadyJet are set to go on strike in the early morning at Logan before moving to South Station for a rally. The airlines likely to be affected by the strike are Delta and American.

In a release from SEIU Local BJ32, the contract workers said that their strike is a follow up to a similar action in June where 100 employees with ReadyJet and G2 Secure Staff walked off the job to protest what they considered to be unfair labor practices.

The workers under contract do everything from transport luggage to clean airplane lavatories and cockpits to assist handicap passengers. They generally make no more than $10 an hour with little or no fringe benefits.

ReadyJet and G2 Secure Staff have paid several fines to OSHA and the Commonwealth in recent years for safety and workplace violations. In July 2014, ReadyJet was fined $5,000 by the Attorney General’s office for failing to properly pay overtime to its contract workers. The AG’s office found the company did not give employees breaks during 10-hour shifts and ultimately forced ReadyJet to pay $13,045 in backpay for unpaid straight time and overtime.

The common business practice of large airlines contracting out various tasks to smaller companies in order to cut costs has made outfits like ReadyJet and G2 Secure Staff a target of unions in recent years.