Gov. Charlie Baker: ‘I Have Better Hair’ Than Donald Trump

He isn't wrong.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

While Gov. Charlie Baker doesn’t have quite the beef that Mayor Marty Walsh has with Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, things could soon change with the governor’s latest salvo.

Fielding questions from reporters at Holyoke Community College Tuesday, Baker was asked for his reaction to a comparison drawn between him and the mastermind behind Trump Vodka, reports MassLive.

“I have better hair and I’m way, way taller,” Baker said.

Empirical evidence suggests Baker is correct on the on the first charge. Further investigation reveals this has been the case for quite some time. I mean, would you look at that lettuce?

Regarding height, Baker is 6-foot-6—same as Patriots tight-end and self-proclaimed virgin Rob Gronkowski. In fact, Baker’s striking height was the subject of a nearly 1,000-word Shirley Leung column in the Globe last year. By all accounts, our governor is a large man.

Trump, meanwhile, is 6-foot-2. He, too, is a large man, though not as large as our governor. “I happen to be tall and I happen to be successful. I like to think it has to do with a lot more than just my height,” Trump once wrote on the topic of height and power.  “I know plenty of very successful people who aren’t tall at all. I think you can project success in many ways and it certainly has nothing to do with your physical stature.”

Spoken like a man four inches shorter than Charlie Baker.