Tom Brady’s Courtroom Sketch Has Taken Pencil Skirt Form

And the artist isn’t happy about it.

The Tom Brady courtroom sketch pencil skirt is for sale on

If the infamous Deflategate courtroom sketch of Tom Brady hasn’t been burned into your brain forever, you can remind yourself and others of its charm by wearing it as a pencil skirt.

If you’d prefer something a little less formal, there’s Brady sketch leggings. Other equally chic options include a scarf, a throw pillow, and a very practical travel mug.

Online retailer Redbubble recently debuted the Brady sketch apparel and gifts, which range in price from about $20 to $60. The sales, however, aren’t entirely legal, and sketch artist Jane Rosenberg is not laughing any pencil skirt jokes.

Rosenberg told CBS Boston no one has contacted her to license her sketch, which various retailers are making a profit from. She said her lawyer will send out cease and desist letters, requesting that the individuals and businesses stop selling items with her sketch on them.

Until they do, the garb is up for grabs.