Don Cherry Drops Another 10-Part Twitter Rant Defending Bill Belichick

Grapes has a few thoughts about ESPN's bombshell report on Deflategate and Spygate.

Don Cherry

Photo via AP

Former Boston Bruins coach Don Cherry has already made it abundantly clear where he stands on Deflategate, tweeting a 10-part defense of the New England Patriots. But with the revelations in ESPN’s latest report, purporting NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Draconian role in Deflategate as a “make-up call” for his bizarre handling of Spygate, the host of Hockey Night in Canada‘s “Coach’s Corner” felt the need to weigh in once more, in another 10-part tweet.

Cherry has a point. Not only is the scramble for a competitive edge in the NFL as cutthroat as it comes, but playing poker with a man who communicates almost exclusively in grunts, snorts and throat-clearing would be a thoroughly miserable experience. Just once, I wish Cherry and Belichick would swap sleeveless hoodies and eight-piece houndstooth suits. Just for an afternoon.