Unfazed by Pumpkin Spice, Huge Great White Shark Spotted off Cape Cod

This 16-footer wants you to know that summer's not over yet.

Photo courtesy Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Photo courtesy Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Many of us have begun the transition into cardigans, changing our coffee order to something tinged with that magical gourd, and giving up on our futile resistance to the advent of Halloween candy at the CVS down the street. Though we have yet to reach the September equinox, fall is, more or less, here.

The large great white shark spotted in the Nauset Inlet off Cape Cod on Tuesday didn’t get the memo.

Measuring between 15 and 16 feet, the shark was one of the largest of the more than 80 spotted this season, up from 68 last year, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said. Sixteen sharks have been spotted in September alone.

Rage, shark, rage against the dying of the summer.