Megabus Gives Its Massachusetts Bus a Lame Name

We can do better.

Discount bus service Megabus set out to name one of its buses after each state it operates in. More than 50,000 votes were cast over the summer, pitting states’ official nicknames, birds, and flowers against one another. The winners in some states are cooler than other. Alabama’s “Yellowhammer Bus” sounds way more metal than a bus named after a bunting ought to sound, and Wisconsin’s “Big Cheese Bus” is so delightfully Wisconsin. Arkansas’ “Natural State Bus,” meanwhile, sounds like a traveling holistic medicine shop that would almost certainly reek of incense.

The winner for Massachusetts? “The Boston Tea Party Bus.”

As proud as we all are of the Boston Tea Party and its place in the American Revolution, it’s a bit of a mouthful. At least “Bay State Bus” would’ve brought some alliteration to the conversation. Instead, “Boston Tea Party Bus” just conjures memories of elementary school field trips to the Boston Harbor: “The Lonely Fourth-Grader Bus.”

We offer these names as suitable alternatives for the Massachusetts bus:

  • The Wahlbus
  • The Great Molasses Bus
  • The “I Only Eat Honey Dew Donuts When Desperate and Waiting for a Megabus” Bus
  • The Black-capped Chickabus
  • The Sorry, Everybody, for Lenny Clarke Bus
  • The Roadrunner
  • The Ghost of Fung Wah

The Massachusetts bus will appear on the road this fall.