Whitey Bulger’s Girlfriend Indicted on Contempt Charges

This is the second time Catherine Greig has been indicted in federal court for contempt.

Catherine Greig and James "Whitey" Bulger Mugshots via FBI

Catherine Greig and James “Whitey” Bulger Mugshots via FBI

James “Whitey” Bulger’s longtime girlfriend, Catherine Greig, has been indicted in federal court for refusing to testify before a grand jury hearing on possible Bulger accomplices.

Greig is currently serving an eight-year prison sentencing for aiding Bulger during his 16 years on the run.

An attorney for Greig said the call for her to testify was an example the government’s ongoing harassment of a woman who knows nothing about Boston’s most infamous gangster.

“She will not be a tool of the government’s efforts to further harass people, whether family or friends,” said attorney Kevin Reddington in an interview with the Boston Globe.

Reddington insisted Greig’s only mistake was being Bulger’s girlfriend and going on the run with him.

Government officials said Greig’s actions are shameful.

“Her refusal to testify has hindered the FBI’s efforts to seek justice for the victims of (Bulger’s) crimes,” said James Bonavolonta, the acting head of the FBI’s Boston office.

Greig is due back in a Boston court to face the criminal contempt charge at an undetermined date. This is the second time Greig, 64, has been found in contempt for refusing to testify about her knowledge of Bulger’s time on the run. In February, Greig was sentenced to an additional ten months in jail for refusing to testify at a grand jury investigating Bulger’s assets.

Greig dated Bulger extensively while he maintained a more traditional relationship with Teresa Stanley, a divorcee with four children.

When Stanley eventually discovered the relationship with Greig in 1994, she was furious. Bulger insisted things were over and attempted to placate her by taking her on a trip to Europe.

When Bulger fled capture in December 1994, he left Boston with Stanley, but she quickly grew tired of life on the run and demanded a return to Boston. When he returned to Boston in 1995 after less than a month on the run, he left Stanley and took Greig with him on what would become 16 years of life on the lam.

Stanley died in 2012.