Popular Bruins Fan Blog Days of Y’Orr Calls It Quits

After five years of irreverent Photoshops and Shawn Thornton worship, these bloggers are hanging up their skates.

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Update: March 18, 10:40 a.m.

Yeah, maybe not.


Between the signing of Zac Rinaldo, the departure of Dougie Hamilton, and Wednesday’s announcement of yet another surgery for Dennis Seidenberg, the 2015-16 season was already shaping up to be an unwatchable year for the Bruins.

Now this.

Beloved Bruins fan blog Days of Y’Orr is calling it quits after five years, countless Photoshops, and endless (yet appropriate) admiration for the old “Pooh Bear” thirds. So why is the DOY crew leaving us when we need them most?

“The easy answer is life,” Greg Ezell—better known to DOY readers as “Pez”—tells Boston magazine. “When Justin, Jon and Robb started Days of Y’Orr five years ago, no one had wives, no one had children and it was basically just a way to vent Bruins frustrations and laugh. Fast forward to 2015 and we have seven people contributing. Like Jeff Goldblum once mused in Jurassic Park, ‘Life finds a way!’ and life found a way. I have two kids and a wife who works insane hours at an insane job. Marshall has two kids and is continuing his education. Justin is working on his dream of becoming a published author (hint: buy his book you guys). It was becoming harder and harder for us to work our full time jobs, go home and after taking care of our stuff, write for a couple of hours and be creative.”

The blog featured game previews and recaps, along with the occasional rant or spelunk into the depths of the Bruins’ cap hell. DOY made a few guest appearances on Yahoo’s PuckDaddy as well.

“I can’t speak for the other guys, but I felt my creativity slipping and once that happened, I knew it was time for me to step away. I only want the best for our readers and once I couldn’t give that to them, I was doing a disservice,” Ezell says.

Looking back, Pez says his favorite memory was when a Photoshop of the Sedin twins as garden gnomes earned them mention in the Vancouver Province. “To think that a silly Photoshop riled up the city of Vancouver so much that they had to put out a post in an actual newspaper to ‘take us down’ is awesome,” he says.

Last season, the blog added Uproxx writer and noted GIFsmith Pete Blackburn, who wrangled the most asinine, grammatically incorrect comments from the Bruins’ Facebook page (and the occasional line from a Joe Haggerty column) into a popular weekly series.

“‘Bruins Comments’ was the brain child of Pete Blackburn, so 150 percent of the credit should go to him,” Ezell says. “He found the comments, he came up with the shops and I’m pretty sure that it will live on. Pete is incredibly creative and Bruins Comments was some of the best stuff we ran.”

In 2013, as the NHL returned from its third lockout, DOY held a “Hockey Resurrection Party” at The Harp, organized by Boston PR whiz Kim Ring and fellow blog Bruins Daily, and attended by former Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton, who DOY’s editorial stance maintains is the third-greatest hockey player in history. Asked if he expects to hear from Thornton, Ezell jokes he isn’t sure if the restraining order he filed allows for it.

“Thornton knew how much we loved him. He’s acknowledged it a lot and I’d like to think he genuinely enjoyed all the crazy stuff we put out with his face on it,” Ezell says. “I just would like to reiterate that we are incredibly grateful for every single person that has stopped by Days of Y’Orr. Loved us or hated us, we just wanted to make people laugh. We didn’t want money, we didn’t want fame, we just wanted to make someone laugh about hockey.”