Hilary Knight Puts On a GoPro, Proceeds to Dangle Your Face Right Off

'I want to shatter that stereotype that strong isn't beautiful, because it absolutely is.'

Though I may be biased, hockey just might be the best use out there for a GoPro. The tiny, mountable cameras perfectly capture hockey’s ephemeral intricacies, the swift flow of precise movements borne of thousands of hours of practice ingrained in muscle memory.

Also, it looks really cool.

Boston Pride forward Hilary Knight is the latest hockey star from these parts to appear in a GoPro promo, after new dad Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask dueled with cameras rolling in April. But Knight’s video starts differently. The Olympic silver medalist talks about how self-conscious she was about putting on weight in the form of muscle in preparation for Sochi.

“At first, I was a little bit embarrassed about it,” Knight says, narrating over her grueling workout. “Growing up, and the way that the media portrays, you’re supposed to look a certain way. Muscles aren’t beautiful. Muscles aren’t feminine.”

Knight hurls a medicine ball against a wall, climbs an abandoned freight car—you know, the usual routine.

“I remember the first meeting I walked into, and the woman asked, ‘What do you do for your arms? I want to do the same workout.’ And it kind of threw me back a bit. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, really? My workout? I look like a monster,'” she says. “And then, I realized: strong is feminine. Strong is beautiful. I want to shatter that stereotype that strong isn’t beautiful, because it absolutely is.”

Knight hits the ice and gets to work, stickhandling through a mess of pucks with ease. With help from a friend, she takes a few one-timers on the rush and shows off a perfectly placed redirection.

And predictably, the celly game is on-point.