There Will Be Fireworks at First Night

This time a credit union stepped up to the plate to save the show.

First Night fireworks


And just like that, the midnight fireworks are back on for First Night.

City Hall announced on Monday that the financially challenged celebration got a shot in the arm from the City of Boston Credit Union with a $30,000 donation to keep the fireworks display on the First Night program.

Last week, an emailed leaked to Universal Hub indicated that the traditional display of fireworks at midnight along with the parade down Boylston Street were on the chopping block due to financial struggles. In interviews after the new broke, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh vowed to find funds to prevent cuts to the nation’s oldest New Year’s Eve celebration.

“I am grateful for the City of Boston Credit Union for stepping up and sponsoring this year’s midnight fireworks. I know how special this tradition is to so many of Boston’s residents and visitors, and I am confident under the experienced leadership at Conventures, this year’s First Night will be a success,” said Walsh in a statement.

City Hall awarded management of First Night to the Seaport-based event planning company Conventures earlier this year after organizing duties were put out to bid. Boston took over the responsibility of organizing First Night in 2013 after the organizers canceled the celebration when they struggled to raise enough funds to put on a show. Companies and philanthropic organizations like Highland Street Foundation, Bank of America, the Mugar Foundation and Boston 4 Productions stepped up to help make sure the celebration went on without a hitch. Now, City of Boston Credit Union joins the list of entities that have come to the rescue of the New Year’s Eve event in recent years.

“The City of Boston Credit Union has been serving the City for over 100 years and we support Mayor Walsh 100 percent in his effort to preserve the Boston Tradition that is the Midnight Fire Works on New Year’s Eve,” said President of the Boston Credit Union Board Steve Green in a statement.

What’s still unclear, however, is if there’s a permanent solution in the works to prevent this annual fundraising song and dance for First Night.